What I love personally about this gym is being able to get in early and have my training done before the day ahead.

I’ve learned a lot of different ways of training through the years now at FF and I love seeing the progress in each month of training.

My body shape has changed and my strength is at an all time high, but the most important thing is that the place is always buzzing with a great atmosphere and that’s all down to the trainers.

I don’t think I have ever walked into FF and seen Seamus ever in a bad mood – his positive outlook is infectious and that gets passed on to his members.

I would not say I’m in any way over confident but what I do know is each time I leave this gym I feel great inside and my mind is clear and positive – it helps set me up for the day ahead.

I’ve learned a lot from training here not just about training, but about a positive mindset for life in general! I’m even reading books which I’ve never done! I might not live forever but I’m going to do the best I can to keep looking this good! 🙂